Saturday, March 08, 2008

On Gratification

Consumerism sucks,
that short and
simple enough for you,

Instant gratification
with instant coffee
instant oatmeal
instant bedhead
hairstyle instant
sex instant
horsepower when you
need it thanks to the engine
of the all new
QXJR48ZS214PI Quad turbo
instant I’m
going to order at the drive-thru
and then honk at everyone
in front of me fast food
instant love at first fuck
but by day three
ready to move ahead
with instant knowledge
pouring through digital fiber link
broaden banded
high uber speed internet
with hyper threading technology
and kibbitz.

I always liked the word kibbitz.

And wouldn’t it be nice
if I could have
the world in a clamshell
or better yet one of those
little snow globes so I could shake
the fuck out of you people
when you piss me off,
then watch the pretty
reflections and
or gods
or gods and goddesses
would hand down instant
karma and hand me the
instant electroshock
to my chest.
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