Saturday, March 08, 2008

Flash (Subconscious is Bulls**t)

Fluid extravagance flows freely
from my bluish veins it's a

mad hatter experience;

maudlin comes later and it

calms me cannot express myself
enough to you cannot express
myself enough cannot
cannot cannot
explain the
rivalry in my head
going on it's red versus blue

it's me versus you.

Jeffrey McDaniel competes
with dead superheroes
and Wonder Woman
referees in her invisible
jet and
it's all just
celebrity death/matching
socks always manage to lose the
better half
it's always the better half
and you can't hurt me you
can't hurt
me you can't touch me there
don't touch me there

ooh, wait.


touch me
there is a place I like to go
when I'm drunk
or otherwise left to my
other senses
besides my mind is a terribly wasted society and the
Roman empire has fallen
the Roman empire has fallen
it's sickly and striated flesh
has fallen like a well-cooked
rack of baby back ribs and I'm
sorry to say I'm sorry
to say I'm sorry to
say that

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

And it's gone.
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