Friday, April 18, 2008

These Dreams

These dreams

These vivid regurgitations of pandering emotions
Of elation in its ubiquitous frivolity
Of mourning, loss in shadows unknown
Of anxiety
Of yearning
Of aches and pains and

These static moments of reality
Claim more souls than there are stars in a clear night sky
The lifeless grasp their chests in their boxes
As if their hearts may at any moment leap from their
Ribs and do the meringue

The living wait in line at the slaughter house
Mooing and chewing their cud without

These thoughts of recycled trash
Moribund and antediluvian
Smelling of fecal rot and horrifyingly pungent lavender

It seems as though this lifetime
Contained all the ingredients for abundant experiences
Ethereal knowledge

And the sieve that is the environment on which
I sink
Lets none of it keep longer than the
Very single moment of

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