Friday, April 11, 2008

George's Steak House

i knew this guy once
i knew this guy
we would sit and roleplay terrorist movements
the looks were always scared
and welcomed.
it was either that, or simian behavior
throwing shit and sticks from our high thrones to their lojack booths

cowboys hate it when you laugh at them
because it's all true

i knew this guy once
i knew this guy
he called everyone nigger
rice-nigger sand-nigger niggermutts
this from the guy that
had a CB in his van
and would dileberately piss off truckers with moronic radio checks
and "what's your twenty, cuntrag?"

fuckin preachers' kids

there was one
robo for three days then streak down his road picking roses from the neighbors' yards
at least he never ran out of interesting things to say

even when he moaned the star spangled banner
that was fuckin profound

i knew this guy once
i knew this guy
he gave a waitress nine pennies
wrote a little note on the table
"because the service wasn't worth a dime"

yeah we got kicked out a lot.

they were the days
when someone asks, those were them.

you see how it works when you try and forget.
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