Friday, April 25, 2008

GaiaFest 2008 Afterthoughts

In case you missed it, Gaiafest 2008 was a smashing success. We had a lovely turnout, great poets, free food, some improv saxophone, and many breaks with which to smoke cigarettes. I hope all that attended had as good a time watching/listening as I did reading/performing.

I did two new pieces which I've never performed before - "Mother" and "cloud" - and a well-oiled piece called "Migraine." I felt that "cloud" can use a little work on inflection and intonation; I didn't get it quite right for the tone of the piece, which is thick satire. "Mother," on the other hand, exceeded my expectations and was welcomed with some ego-boosting oohs and ahhs along with regular applause.

It is my intention to begin hosting some of my work as downloadable audio tracks in the near future, or quite possibly as micro video productions. I haven't figured out all the particulars, so bear with me, but I'll do my best to keep this site updated.

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Jill Winkowski said...

I am with you on that, Michael. I found Gaiafest quite extraordinary. It makes me want to emerge from the suburban mire of York County and head down to Norfolk more often!