Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Bumblebee Yawns

the bumblebee yawns
dewdrops can't sparkle in mystical haze
tulips can't open without the giant yellow thing
wheat blades ripple from westerly breaths
the bumblebee yawns

the ant drives
through morning rushhour, pissed that he's so late
oak leaves heavy wet asymmetrical
forboding cargos
the ant drives

the earthworm gorges
i must get home, i must get home
prays for his family merely six inches below
gray nothing above looms a stressor
the earthworm gorges

robins do the traffic
flutter and siren their approach
if only so they don't hit one another
squabble wrens for the best parking spots
robins do the traffic

posies open for business
hunter gatherers dance the grand opening
scavengers have camped all night
now they can eat their tents
posies open for business

god sneezed awake, and it was good
eyes opened and a finger pointed to the east
there's the giant yellow thing
hopefully it brought a fan or two to clear this pea soup
god sneezed awake
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