Thursday, April 03, 2008

Braxton Pipp

I had an idea while I was waiting for a friend and doing a little freewriting. What happens when you want a cybernetic implant but you don't have the money or credit to have it professionally installed? You go to the black market and gamble. Introducing Braxton Pipp, otherwise known as The Sparking Donut.

My second idea came later in the evening. I would make a journal of Pipp: A day in the life of an internet everyman. I reserved the blogspace for The Sparking Donut forthwith. Following is the first bit. Hit the link to read the rest. Enjoy!

I have too much electricity running to my headjack. It can be a common problem with unlocked jacks, since they're not tuned to a specific carrier, like most commercial headjacks. I knew this when I picked it out and found one available for little more than a song.

The problem is actually caused by the carrier rig, not the jack, but that's just semantics. The rig sends an unimpeded signal directly from the nearest host switch, as I understand it, because if it was filtered it at all it would be considered wiretapping.

Normally this would be compensated by resistors in a commercial jack, or in the case of an unlocked jack - a bank of tunable resistors. Obviously I did my homework, right?

Enter my lifestyle: I am an unwealthy researcher, and I get most of my kit used. This was something I purchased new, and I wanted to find someone top-notch to install it. I tried everywhere, but no one would finance me. I put my ears to the ground and started networking all my friends, until I found a friend that knew a guy that knew a guy. i told him to set it up.

I may as well have asked Stephen Hawking's wheelchair to perform the operation.

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