Friday, April 25, 2008 Pretty Darn Awesome

I would like to introduce you to, your next new source for stumbling upon very cool things. Each main category is divided into popular topics, and the whole site has a very polished feel to it, despite its young age. Just from two or three days of use, I have already added nearly a dozen feeds to my Google Reader page. Thanks, Alltop!

It has fleshed-out subcategories such as lifehacks, extreme sports, and virtual worlds; but it misses some marks entirely, especially in the Culture topic. Notice there aren't any categories for poetry, fiction, or literature in general? Oh, sure, there's a books category, but most (if not all) of those feeds have to do with booklists, authors and authoring -- nothing about the content in and of itself, only the creators and marketing of content.

I sent an email today suggesting they include a poetry or literature category. It would help my goal of making their list if you also submitted a similar comment. Yes, all nine of you lovely, adorable readers. You can email Alltop here.

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