Sunday, March 09, 2008

Predawn: Existentialism Part II

Predawn, though I’m rarely up,

is one of my favorite times.

Maybe it’s the anticipatory energy

that wraps itself around my head like

a hot towel,

bleeding into my

thoughts. The blaze

of dawn will come

at any moment,

but waits patiently while

I encompass the verdant

silence of the


It’s far better for

meditation and

rumination than classical music

Always better than TV.

Even sometimes

better than the internet.

(Though, let’s be honest here:

the internet

is a blanket of nervous

energy in itself,

and we all of us know

of its effects on our psyches.)

But I digress, sitting outside

with a cigarette

and the silence,

and contemplate

the Moon.

The stars have already

gone home,

and the sky is lonely

before the sun streaks into full autonomy.

A horizon

in blue hues and

morning dews. Just another

drop in the bucket …

Just another day. Just another

quiet moment


myself, and

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