Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Hate

I hate the tall-fat guy wearing a ten-gallon hat that
always seems to sit deliberately in front of me at
the theater; and when asked
to remove his hat, i hate the realization that it is not his
headwear that is capable of holding ten gallons.

I hate the conversations I don't want to be a part of, but
always get sucked into anyway, either by force or by
my own loose lips flapping over there ... But c'mon.
Goddamn. I mean, Wicca is an accepted Theology.
But. There's. No. Such. Thing. As. Vampires, dude.


Now I realize Hate is a strong word. Too strong for
anyday, everyday use. I reserve it for things I cannot
escape. Irrational fears. Personality traits. Loathsome things.

For example:

I hate that I am a handsome tall drink of water from
an L.L. Bean catalog, but I must act like an arrogant
prick to pick up women, all because it's socially
unacceptable for me to be intimidated by them.

I hate too small coffee cups.

I hate limp handshakes.

I hate nonconformists that want to be unique ...
just like everyone else.

I hate being called a liar, or stupid. (Conversely, I
love calling both myself and others Stupid Liars.)

On a similar note, I hate hypocrites.

It's not as bad as you think. A little self-loathing
goes a long way. Keeps me from saying racist or sexist
comments, since I hate racism and sexism. Really
I hate most -isms to varying degrees, If only because
most are born simply of rebellious bull-headed
close-mindedness ... and I hate
rebellious bull-headed close-mindedness.

I hate fighting over religion. It's all the same thing, anyway.
May as well call it The Force.

Speaking of, I hate people that haven't seen the
original Star Wars. Moreover, I hate people that
refuse to see it, because there's never a legitimate reason.

I hate the stressful strict structure of time.

Most of all. Over everything else I hate that without
this untenable emotion, there could not exist the reason.
I hate because of its opposite and unfortunate

I believe the yin and yang. I believe in hate so that
I may believe in love.

The up will come down, the sinful will claim penitence,

I hate to love.
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