Thursday, March 06, 2008


where is that thing you see, because it's not there, and i'm
trying really hard to search for it, and nothing's there. i've
looked high and low, close and far, far and wide and i
don't see it, there's nothing there. what is it that you see, again?
will you describe it for me?
is it some ephemeral bond that you can sense, is it
some bidirectional network connecting us in a series of tubes?
is it some clandestine right that you get and i don't because i
really don't catch any of this, it's going right over my head, but
i'm being a persistent prick for bugging you, and i'm going
to continue until you break some light on this subject, because i really
don't have a clue what you're seeing, there's nothing there, and i wish you
would describe it for me so i know what to look for, because right
now i don't see anything, there's nothing there. is it that
since we touched each other there's a
chaos string attaching us
at the fingertips?
or some form of spirit animal that just
so happens to be compatible with
my spirit animal
and so look great stacked on top of each other on a totem?
it must be something i can only sense and not see,
since you're so blatantly disregarding everything i say,
because i tell you friend, there's nothing there. yes, it
must be a sense ability in the sixth power, sensible enough
for a simpleton like me to understand, but i still can't see it, i only see
in colors, not usually images, and i can't see anything,
there's nothing there.
no color but the color of void, the color of null, and i can't
tell much more than that through the murk beyond my own bedroom window.
is that a telling sign? it must be. because i can't look
outside in, that must be it, because i tell you stranger, the way
i see it, there's nothing there. from inside the turtle shell it's only
bones and darkness and silence, wearing natural earmuffs and
screaming into a vacuum. there must be some greener
pasture with a webcam peering into my little apartment
with laser-guided precision and wifi --
can i get an ip address or something,
visit a webcast, download a torrent -- anything?
or is it pay to play? do you want me to subscribe to your
channel? is that the only way for me to see what you're seeing?
because i'll tell you something, from my viewpoint, there's nothing
and i've been all over my room,
all over my car, all over google, all through my murse,
looked in my computer, in every disk i've collected,
every scrap of napkin, every
matchbook, every hokie birthday card from
relatives, every book since the eleventh grade, every
morsel of clothing, every lego in my
toolbox, all through the skeletons in my closet, into my hopes and dreams,
my nightmares and fears, my sobs of joy and cries
of ecstasy and shrieks of pain, and even the mumbling of mundanosity.

i tell you: whatever it is you have convinced
yourself to believe, however you tricked your eyes into seeing
something i don't, thinking something i cannot,
dreaming of whatever it is you obviously must be dreaming, because this
is not reality; this is quite a stunning fantasy, this thing
for which you have no description, no location, and no
clues whatsoever. the illusion is faltering, and you can't
keep it up for much longer, i will get it
out of you what you see.

because the way i see it, brother.
i tell you.
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